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Announcer 1: This has got to turn out to be a draw. There is no way they can out smart each other. Sailor Mercury is known as the brains of the Sailor Scouts with a huge IQ of 300!

Announcer 2: But the PSI Pokemon Alakazam has a Super Genius IQ that is said to be 5000! I think they are going to have to rely on strenght instead of whits for this one.

Announcer 1: But neither of the opponents have arrived yet. Wait! Sailor Mercury has arrived!

Sailor Mercury walks in followed by Raye and Serena, who are bickering, as usual.

Announcer 2: Well, our human opponent has arrived, but where is that Pokemon?

Alakazam teleports onto the stadium floor, followed by Abra, Kadabra, (Alakazam's unevolved forms) Jynx, Mr. Mime, Drowzee, Hypno, Exeggute, Exeggutor, and Alakazam's Trainer, The Beautiful Sabrina of the Saffron City Gym.

Alakazam: zam.......zam.......Alakazam

Sailor Mercury: *laughs* If this Pokemon is so smart, why is the only thing it can say is it's name?

Alakazam: *bends the two spoons it holds with it's mind* Kazam....

Announcer 1: Wow! Bob did you see that?

Announcer 2: I sure did Fred! Alakazam has amazing Psychic powers!

Announcer 2: Every thing is allowed, Let the battle begin!

Sailor Mercury: Let me analyze this thing........... Alakazam.....a PSI Pokemon.....IQ....5000!?!?!?!

Alakazam: ALAKA........*sends a Psychic blast at Mercury*....ZAM!!

Sailor Mercury: *screams as she as she is hit by the attack* Mercury Ice Storm Freeze!

Sabrina (Alakazam's trainer): Confusion

Alakazam sends the Ice storm back at Mercury. Sailor Mercury is frozen but is still slightly moving.

Announcer 2: The Battle isn't over yet! Mercury still has a chance!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars Continue to fight. Alakazam and Sabrina are distracted by them and begin to watch their fighting.

Sailor Mars: You good for nothing Meatball head!

Sailor Moon: Atleast I'm not a hot head like you Mars!

Sabrina: (to herself) Hot head? Mars uses fire........ *begins to smile*

Sailor Mars: Well you shouldn't be talking! Your the one with Noodles in her head to match the hair doo.

Sabrina begins to laugh loudly and Alakazam starts to do the same

Announcer 2: Well Sabrina and Alakazam sure has everyones attention. The whole stadium is staring.

Alakazam: *rolling on the floor with laughter* Zam kazam alaka alaka kazam alakzam

Announcer 1: Uhh....... Since Alakazam is no longer able to battle I declare the winner Sailor Mercury. Although she is still frozen in her own ice

Announcer 2: This is the same way Sabrina lost to Ash and Pikachu. What a strategy! Uhhh, Mars come over here and bring a few Vulpix and Charmander with you, Mercury needs to do some thawing......

The End