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Announcer One: Today our battle will be against Sailor Uranus and Sailor Jupiter.

Announcer Two: This should be an interesting match. They are both very strong scouts. The battle is beginning...Now....DONG!

Sailor Uranus: [to herself] This inner scout weakling thinks she can beat me, does she? I'll show her, a thing or two.

Sailor Jupiter: [to herself] Wow, I can't believe I'm up against Sailor Uranus. She's really strong. I guess I'll just have to do my best. But I don't want to hurt her. I respect her.

Announcer One: Uranus has jumped in front of Jupiter and is repeatedly punching her. Now she has drawn back.

Sailor Jupiter: Must get up...must not be beaten...

Announcer Two: Sailor Jupiter is attempting to get up, but Sailor Uranus is not going to give her a chance she has kicked Sailor Jupiter in the ribs, and she's down.

Sailor Jupiter: Ugh...pain..no like pain...must...get...up

Announcer Two: She's on the move. Uranus has just done a punch, kick combo on Jupiter. Jupiter is down. I don't think she can get up after that! Oh, look Uranus is getting ready her attack.

Sailor Uranus: Uranus METEOR ST...

Sailor Jupiter: [yells] I'm not going to let you defeat me.

Announcer One: Sailor jupiter has miraculously gotten up. After that no one expected her to be able to move a finger let alone get up. Oh my god, now she has jumped so Uranus's Meteor strike didn't hurt her.

Sailor Jupiter: I call on the power of jupiter in the forces of love and nature to banquish her...JUPITER SUPREME THUNDER.....

The thunder blast hits Uranus and is Uranus is hurt badly.

Announcer One: Oh, my god, Jupiter has done it. Uranus is beaten. She cannot move.

Announcer Two: After an attack like that I doubt she can do much! And the battle is over, with Sailor jupiter the victor.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus are both lying on the ground, exausted and tired. They both get up with pain on their faces and drag them selves to the edge of the stage.

Sailor Uranus: That was a good move. I didn't think you could do anything after what I did to you.

Sailor jupiter: Thanks, you were good too. Your so fast with those punches and kicks.

Sailor Uranus: But your power became so strong and so quickly. I underestimated you. Your strong, maybe even stronger than Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter: Thanks. Come on we'll help each other to the locker room.

Sailor Uranus: [to herself] Wow, she's strong. I never thought I would be beat by an inner scout. She's definitely strong. I respect her for her strength and determiniation. She's a great scout!

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Jupiter leave the stadium holding on to eacth other as echoes of uh, ah, and ouch can be heard with the scouts trailing behind them.

Scouts: Oh, why did you go and do that...you could've got each other killed...do you have to be so serious...I'm hungry can we get something to eat?...Be quiet Sailor Moon!!!

The End