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Announcer One: Today's moon combat is betweent those two fiery red heads, Jesse and Queen Beryl. The fighters are entering the stage. Jesse is walking in with James, and Meowth following. Queen Beryll has "appeared" on the stage...behind her are her four generals. They don't look like the friendliest person in the world...sheesh

Announcer Two: Um, I don't think I feel very good about them being here. Um, Queen Beryl do your generals have to be here? heh heh heh

Queen Beryl: Are you questioning me? NEVER QUESTION MY ORDERS!

Announcer Two: Sorry, Sorry, I take it back, they can just hang heh heh...

Jesse: hmmm nicely accesorised but that outfit is so passe, she must've bought that in a blackout. Ha ha ha. Well I might as well get this over with. James get to it, I don't care what you have to do, just go out their and beat her!

James: But Jesse, this is your moon combat, I don't wanna fight her...she looks mean. plus she reminds me Jessable. [shudders]

Jesse: I don't care James, I just got a manicure and I refuse to waste them on this petty little battle. Now go out there AND BEAT HER. YOU UNDERSTAND?

James: [Deep sigh] why me? Let's Go Meowth, Weezing, victreebell, Arbok...

Q. Beryl: you mean to tell me you actually think you're going to beat the QUEEN OF THE NEGAVERSE! Ha Ha HA. I'll diminish you. All of you are laughable. Jesse I didn't know you were such a coward...getting someone else to fight your battles...that's low. Even the moon brat is better than that.

Sailor Moon: Hey, Don't call me that. Why I oughta moon dust you. My name is Sailor Moon, the champion of justice and in the name of the moon I'll pun...

Announcer One: Relax Sailor Moon, you can moon dust her later.

Jesse: Who you calling a coward? Just admit it Beryl, you're just jealous that you have to fight and I don't.

Q. Beryl: Oh really? Two can play at that game. Jadeite, Nephlite, Zoicite, Malachite, demolish these puny weaklings.

Generals: Yes, my Queen.

James: Aaahhhhhh. I don't care what you say Jess, I'm getting out of here...

Announcer One: I'm really sorry, but both of you are officially disqualified. Others are not allowed to battle for you.

Announcer Two: [to announcer one] I don't remember anything like that...

Announcer One: [to announcer two] Think about it, do you really want to see those generals, in action? They'll kill everyone...

Announcer Two: Okay, both parties are disqualified...

Q. Beryl and Jesse: What?????

Q. Beryl: Defy the Queen of the Negaverse? I don't think so.

Jesse: You puny announcers, wait till boss gets to you...

The announcers are slowly attempting to get out of the studio unnoticed.

Q. Beryl: Your boss Jesse? You mean that puny Giovanni?

Jesse: You know him?

Q. Beryl: Please, I can eat him for breakfast!

Jesse: Really! James think of it, we can overthrow the boss with her help, let's join her... I have proposition for you Beryl. If you help us overthrow Giovanni we will do something in return for you.

Q. beryl: Hmmmm, I know you're weaklings but I think.....

Jesse and Q. Beryl talk for really long time by themselves.

Jesse: That'll work! Yeah!

Jesse, James, Beryl and her generals all go to the Negaverse.

Sailor Moon: No, good can come of this...

Ash: I know! Hey Sailor Moon, you're hot!

Brock: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I was thinking you...me...

Sailor Moon: Oh no, I'm late for school....aaahhhh

To be continued????