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Announcer One: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Moon Combat. Our battle today will be between that fiery but somewhat annoying Sailor Mars and the beautiful, and supercharged Sailor Jupiter. See what I did there? Super charged...and she's thunder and...get it? Get it? Ha ha ha

Announcer Two: Yeah..whatever, anyway getting back to the battle...Sailor Mars has not arrived yet. What do you think of that Sailor Jupiter?

S. Jupiter: I think she chickened out. Ba-cock (chicken sound). I guess she just can't handle the sailor of thunder!! Did you know I have 8 moons!

Announcer Two: Rather(In british accent).

Announcer One: Okay, here she comes and behind her..It's sailor Moon! It's Sailor Moon Everybody!

The crowd cheers warmly. Serena looks at everyone embarrased. She walks down the platform smiling and waving her hand to the crown until...she trips on the rug and falls face down. The crowd laughs. Sailor Moon gets up, starts laughing and quietly runs to her seat. Behind her the rest of the scouts enter. Lastly Darien enters with reeny on his shoulder and she's singing! Somebody make her stop...

Announcer One: Sailor Mars has entered the ring. Jupiter looks charged and ready to rampage. She thunders down...see, see what I did there? Ha ha ha!

Announcer Two: Shut up! God! Anyway when my collegue stops her really bad bad jokes the fight will begin. Sailor Mars has entered the ring. Any comments Rei?

Sailor Mars: Sorry, I'm late, but meatball head forgot the match is today...you know how it is.

Announcer Two: It has began now. Sailor Jupiter kicks Mars and throws in a couple of punches. She does her a flying kick and ouch, that's got to hurt.

Announcer One: Sailor Mars went down like a ton of bricks, but knowing her stubbornness, this is not over folks! I'm right Sailor Mars struggles to her feet. What's that in her had...

Sailor Mars: I call upon the power of mars, stop this delinquent...hiiii-yeah

Sailor Jupiter: I can't move, I can't move, oh you're going to pay for this Mars.

Sailor Mars: Oh really. You're the one who can't move, now it's time for some Sailor Mars action! Get a load of this jupiter...hiiiii-yeah...

Announcer One: Ouch...Mars just kicked Jupiter down. That is Sailor Mars's signature move. Sailor Jupiter is on her knees. She gets up...

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Oak Evolution

Announcer Two: Oooooh, that looks like it really hurt, Sailor Mars is outta there...no wait she's getting up...there's no escaping our little Mars. Jupiter looks confident. She's getting ready.

Sailor Jupiter: Thunder Clap Zap.

Announcer One: Mars rolls out of the way, and it misses her. Wait now she's aiming at Jupiter.

Sailor Mars: Mars Flame Sniper.

Announcer Two: Jupiter jumps high and it misses her. Jupiter lands on Mars. Mars is down. She gets up and tries again. She's lodged her famous fire bird. Wow that screeching from that thing's mouth. Jupiter won't stand for it. She vanquishes it with her Supreme thunder. Jupiter comes in with a spiral kick on Mars. Punches her and kicks her down. Oh nooooo, Sailor Mars hasn't had the chance to get up yet and oh no here it comes...

Sailor Jupiter: I call on the power of Jupiter, banquish this mop head...JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON....

Sailor Mars is struck and she lays on the ground looking like a piece of toast that has been in the toaster too long...

Announcer One: And the winner is...Sailor Jupiter!!!!!!

Sailor Jupiter proudly stands up. Everyone cheers. Sailor Mars gets up and shakes her hand.

Sailor Jupiter: Oh, wow you smell like a barbeque.

Sailor Mars: Yeah thanks to you...

Sailor Jupiter: Oh yeah, at least I'm not a hot head who burns off people's feet.

Sailor Moon: See, that's what I was saying!!!

The three scouts start a huge argument.

Announcer One: Well...that's all for today..heh heh heh {As he hears the scouts bickering in the background....

Thanks for toasting me...yeah you burnt my boots that one time...shut up sailor Moon...don't tell her to shut up you burnt my shoes too...well at least I didn't toast you, like you did to me...well you needed it! It's a vast improvement from what you usually look like...ha ha ha ha...[both rei and lita] shut up serena!...why are you guys so mean to me?....Oh no she's gonna burst...wahhhhhhhh...lets' get outta here...you got it...hey guys wait for me!!! GGGUUUYYYSSS!!

The End