1. You go to the store and buy a little Sailor Jupiter keychain, even though you don't have a set of keys!
  2. You think that you are sailor jupiter because you get struck be lightning and are ok. (this really happened to me) i found out later that most people are ok. darn it!
  3. Every thing i sent you to add to the list i have done.
  4. You have to have a party for lita or the scouts b-days.
  5. You learned Japanese just to sing the song on the cds.
  6. You name the trees out side some evil from sailor moon so you can atack it when you are playing sailor moon
  7. Your sailor jupiter club has more people in it then some clubs at school
  8. You buy ice skates even though you will never use them
  9. You name your cat zeus.
  10. You start raising plants because lita does ( doing this summer)
  11. You buy only sailor moon episodes with lita in it!