1. You payed the store to customize a sign for you that says Lita's Room and you stick it on the kitchen door to honor her cooking.
  2. Every single site you come across that doesen't have something Sailor Jupiter on, you email them threatening to come after them and electricute them with your Jupiter Thunder Crash.
  3. You make your room into a Sailor Jupiter Megapark. You rip the wallpaper off the walls and replace it with Sailor Jupiter pics, you give your old stuffed toys to charity and freinds and replace them with Sailor Jupiter figurerines, you replace your teddy bear keyring with a Sailor Jupiter one, you get that stupid Pokemon bed set off your bed and sow your own Sailor Jupiter curtains, bedspread and pillowcase, you peel the stickers off your bedroom door and pay the store to customise a sign that says Sailor Jupiter Megapark, you give your old CDs to your little sister and best friend and replace them with Rainy Day Man singles and tapes with Jupiter sayings on, you take the carpet off your floor and replace it with pink and green carpeting and sow yourself a Sailor Jupiter Rug, you stick Sailor Jupiter stickers on your drawers and wardrobe, you throw all your T-Shirts out and replace them with Sailor Jupiter ones and plain white T-Shirts that you stuck S.J. pics on, you take all the photos of your family from your photo album and frames and replace them with S.J. pics, instead of a box of sweets and biscuits upstairs you keep a box of cherry pie and meatloaf, and the pics of your boyfriend are replaced with pics of Ken!
  4. You decide your room hasn't got enough S.J. stuff in, so you build a special place/shrine for her in your wardrobe. In it, the walls are covered with S.J. posters, drawings, printed pictures, and stickers. You cover an old shoe box with Jupiter pics and in it you put a detailed profile of S.J. complete with pictures, a view you wrote on Jupiter's personality, a list you wrote of Why Sailor Jupiter Is Cool, all your S.J. fanfiction and fanart, and as many S.J. pics that you can fit in. You also pay your Mum $10.00 for her to put up shelves in your closet, on which you stand some S.J. keyrings, trading cards, and figurerines. You also buy/make a S.J. rucksack and label it Sailor Jupiter Fun Sack. In it is a S.J. quiz, a S.J pic that you cut up to make a Sailor Jupiter jigsaw, S.J. Mini Dolls, board games that you altered so you can play Sailor Jupiter, and anything else you can think of! You give your T.V. to your big brother and replace it with a computer. On the computer you remove lots of programs you don't want, so that all there is on there is a Paint Program to draw Sailor Jupiter pics, a Word program to type S.J lists and fanfiction, all the S.J. pics and animations that you could find, S.J. movies and MP3s, the Internet so you can visit S.J. sites, a favourites list full of S.J. sites, a built-in video recorder to play all your episodes that mainly feature Sailor Jupiter, and a Mousebrush Activity Set so you can print S.J. things off. There is also a scanner to scan your S.J. drawings and things.
  5. In your kitchen your favorite things to bake are meatloaf, cherry pie, and cakes and biscuits shapd like Sailor Jupiter.
  6. You ask the shop manager if he can use your ideas for Sailor Jupiter toys to actually make them, even if they're crazy ideas! You also say that he must not sell them to anyone but you, and say that you'll pay him extra if he puts your ideas into action and only sells to you.
  7. You are playing Harvest Moon, and you realize that one of the characters is a lot like Lita! (I'm dead serious about this one!^_^)
  8. You keep drawing the Jupiter 2-4 symbol on your forehead. (I do it.)
  9. You watch the movie when "Jupiter Comes Thundering in" at least once every once every day.
  10. You cried when your mom couldn't afford cable any more because you couldn't see Sailor Jupiter in action.
  11. You look up the word Jupiter in the Dictionary and see that it means "The largest of the planets and the one fifth in order of distance from the sun." You think it should mean "A person with powers of thunder and lightning."
  12. Every time someone is messing with you or if you just get angry you expect the sign of Sailor Jupiter to appear on your forehead.
  13. You try to develop the cute laugh Sailor Jupiter/Lita has even though you snort like a pig every single time you laugh (just kidding).
  14. Your mom takes you to the salon to get your hair cut because she says she is tired of looking at your high pony tail every single day.
  15. You try to bake all sorts of treats and cook food like Lita but every time you do you end up running down the hall to the bathroom because you add to much salt to every thing you cook.
  16. You try to find yourself a goofy friend and try to get her to wear two balls on her head just so you can call her meatball head and refer to her as Serena.
  17. You sew a a pink bow with a green heart on to all your white shirts And then decide thats not enough and put on the green and white bandana.
  18. You know by heart all of her lines in the shows and movies.
  19. You own a copy of her school uniform and Scout uniform which you had made yourself.
  20. You color your hair with Halloween hair mist so you can go to school the next day and put your hair up like Jupiters'.
  21. You know you like Sailor Jupiter too much when you think 'WWJD' stands for 'What Would Jupiter Do?'
  22. You refer to you Pita bread as "Lita" bread to honor her cooking talents.
  23. You're always singing rainy day man and your brother starts yellin at you to shut up. (looks at brother who is yellin at her *WHAT IT'S A GOOD SONG*
  24. Is constantly lookin for websites on the planet jupiter and sailor jupiter
  25. Is seriously thinkin about becoming an astronaut so you can be the first one to fly to Jupiter ( and mabye see sailor jupiter and the jupiter kingdom! )
    Once thier say... "That's one small step for Jupiter fans and one huge leap for all moonkind."
  26. You argue about her superiority over all the other scouts with a six year old kid to the point of making him or her cry.
  27. Your mom orders you to stop dressing her up like Queen Beryl in her sleep because she's tired of "Sailor Jupiter" trying to electrify her. ( I tried that twice then dressed dad up as Wiseman) ;)
  28. You diss every other chracter on every other show and point out where they lack and how Jupiter is great at it and all your fave anime characters wear green and have electric attacks. (My best friend does this!)
  29. You get sent to the principal's office because in science class, the teacher said that no other planet has life on it or ever had life. You got really mad and started yelling at him "What about the Silver Milennium? There were whole kingdoms on them!" and when he told you that the Silver Milennium only happened in Sailor Moon, you started htting him with a meter stick and saying "You take that back! It dishonors Sailor Jupiter and her friends!"
  30. You're mad because your new Iron piils are red instead of green and at first refused to eat them.