1. In an attempt to be more like Lita you pick a guy named Fready fall in love with him and on a rainy day you force him to dump you or you'll use your thunder clap on him!!!
  2. You start wearing a green leotard with pink tights or a pink leotard with green tights even though your dance teacher gives you a ten minute lecture on wearing the school colors instead of the ones you wear every time you come to class wearing the ensemble.
  3. Your a Scottish person and your parents want you to pick a design and you look and look for a green and pink striped pattern. When you find out that they don't have it you yell at the person until they say that they will write a special order for you if you would only stop choking then to death.
  4. When you sign up for the navy you complain that the uniforms should be either green w/pink stripes or green w/white stripes or pink w/white stripes instead of the plain navy blue w/white stripes.
  5. You yell at your coach for not choosing green and pink for the team colors { my swim team's colors our green and black}.
  6. You travel all the way to Washington DC to have a private session with the president to see if he can change the flags colors to green, pink and brown instead of red, white and blue.
  7. Your family is ready to disown you if you don't stop talking about Sailor Jupiter!
  8. People are mad because you don't update this page everyday!
  9.  You start to think you are a Sailor Scout of some sort,because you are getting  talked by a white or black cat!
  10. You think someday you will see Sailor Jupiter in real life!
  11. You start thinking you are Jupiter because you accidently keep shocking

  12. your friends (on accident!) when you walk around with them.(This really happened to me!)
  13. Your friends hit that section and find at least ten things that apply to you!
  14. (If you have school uniforms)You get detentions every day because the fact that you have broken the dress code by dying the skirt green.
  15. You Hope there going to put on a Sailor Jupiter says...
  16. You made your own Sailor Jupiter: poster, pillow, wall paper, blanket, picture and your room doesn't have alot of Sailor Jupiter it has way way too much.
  17. You think those Sailor Jupiter dolls are so ugly but you buy them any ways because that way you're more connected to her.
  18. You become a great cook and start to do street fighting just so you can be like Sailor Jupiter.
  19. Your an young entrepreneur and your planing on making a Sailor Jupiter Store!
  20. Coincedentally your new Iron pill is green and you come to the conclusion the pharmacheutical company made it that way to honor jupiter.
  21. If you've seen Batman Forever....You conclude Joel Schumacher has a secret obsession with Sailor Jupiter.
  22. Your garden consists of Pink roses and other flowers in pink, so it has a pink and green motif!
  23. You think Sailor Jupiter is way more then just a character on a TV show.
  24. You've NEVER had a single problem spelling the words Sailor Jupiter!
  25. When you grow up you know you'll make a Sailor Jupiter store! (I'll come to it if it's any where in America!)
  26. You threw the big bully at school to see if any weird kind of 4 sign showed up on your forehead.
  27. You've figured out Sailor-Jupiter has all the vowels in it!
  28. You beg your mom for green contacts and a green dress and shoes
  29. You keep having ideas about callin a fashion designer and have them make a sailor jupiter uniform.
  30. You all of a sudden love thunder storms cause it reminds you of sailor jupiter
  31. Your parents think you're nuts for asking them if you could stay in a hotel for a month so you can see what it's like for Lita to live all alone ( I really tried this . they started laughin at me) :(