1. You are forbiden to use the "Add to Favourites" because when the next person gets online they find 25 new sailor jupiter sites on the favorites list that wasn't there beofre (The person Looks around the room) Who me??
  2. You look at your watch it is time for sailor moon, you rush to the TV as fast thunder, and try Jupiter's thunder crash, on the way. You hear the beginning song you try to fast forward the TV until it gets to a Sailor Jupiter picture, but your TV will not fast forward and you get mad and want to get a new TV.
  3. You buy green colored tablecloth for you dining table. Yes Lady Jupiter's table cloth is green....but it matched with the carpet so nicely....
  4. For your Physics project you do it on Thunder and Lightining and now that you know how it works your even more impressed with Sailor Jupiter because she has those powers. (Hey, I got a good mark!)
  5. Fate decides that you should wear pink and green nail polish. Okay this is what happened the other night Iput on pink nail polish, I don't own green nail polish because it doesn't go with my skin tne, anyway the next day I'm sitting iwth my friends and one of them brought all thier nail polish. So she sets out to paint my nails. I was studying so I didn't notice, later I see, that she made them green at which point it hit me. I yelled "look Sailor Jupiter colors". Yes as I wirte this I am wearing pink and green nail polish on my hands.
  6. You try to re-inact parts of Lita's Life in your own. You are too tall for your school out fit, so you where your old one!
  7. You start wearing rose earrings that smell like roses a the time and never taking them out much to everyone's displeasure.
  8. You are estatic to go to work because it gives you an excuse to wear a green outfit. (PetsMart requires that you wear a Hunter green shirt.)
  9. You think that the barbie doll should be named lita because the guy doll is named ken.
  10. You made your own personal rose earings which I even dipped in rose smelling perfume~!
  11. You never say a sentence without the word jupiter in it.
  12. You think everyone should wear green who isn't wearing green.
  13. You despise the taste of meatloaf and cherry pie,but you eat it anyway because it's Lita's favorite.I hate meatloaf and cherry pie but I eat it anyway.
  14. Your Mom grounds you for the rest of your life because you go to a tatoo palor and get the green sign of Jupiter tatooed to your forehead that glows in the dark.Haha!
  15. When you watch other Anime movies you ask " Where's Lita? Why isn't she in this? You demand that she should be in the movie"
  16. You have a built in homing device that enables you to home in on any sailor jupiter merchendise in any store at any time.
  17. You persaude your parents to paint the house green because green is your favorite color.
  18. Your friends, family, and pets think your crazy when you say your from Jupiter and that you are the Princess of Jupiter. They decide to send you to the doctor for help and all you say to him is "Don't make me transform into Sailor Jupiter and unlesh my awsome powers!" The doctor sends you to the mental hospital where you escape and you've been on the run your whole life!
  19. You are 5'3 and have attempted making yourself taller to be like Makoto.
  20. Your best firend calls you Mako-chan.
  21. You call her Minako
  22. The guy at the arcade keeps wondering why you refer to his beloved mortal combat game "central control" And wonders why you refer to him as Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. You take lots of time contemplating the fact tha Lita can be a good hockey player! (Okay think about it...She's a great skater, she's rough, and really strong! She just needs work on her puck handling which will come naturally to her because of the way she cooks and she can skate great, and check every guy into the boards. Lady Jupiter loves and Hockey and I think Lita can be the next femal Wayne Gretzky eh? huh? *No one answers her and looks away. Oh come on guys.....think about it!
  24. You have a necklace of the 2-4 Jupiter sign and wear it all the time!
  25. When you go to the Dollar store you see little figurines and one of them looks so much like Sailor Jupiter you buy it, although you have no use for it! (IT looks so much like Jupiter...I'm not kidding! ?
  26. You use the phrase "It's the Sailor Jupiter thing to do!" .....need I say more?
  27. Pears are your favourite fruit and everyone thinks it is because the green reminds you of Sailor Jupiter. You tell them it's no ture and that you like the taste but no one believes you!
  28. You talk your mom into dyeing your hair brown and getting green eye contacts even though you love your hair black and your eyes brown.
  29. You yell at your teacher to transfer you to a new school for fighting .
  30. You find a guy who has glasses and forces him to learn how to move things with his mind and how to get a lot of toys from the claw game.