1. You tried to sue your school because their dress code didn't consist of a brown skirt and a white blouse with a brown collar and brown strings that lace up the front like Lita's.
  2. You made your mom take you to the mall just so you could get your ears pierced. When you found out that they didn't have pink rose earrings you threw a tantrum and hit the store manager. In the end, though, you didn't get your ears pierced. You bought pink rose stick-on earrings.
  3. You tape-recorded the Jupiter transformation music and play it whenever you change clothes.
  4. Your favorite song is "Rainy Day Man".
  5. You think green and sugar pink look nice together.
  6. You got sent back to preschool because you thought that the alphabet went "S-A-I-L-O-R-J-U-P-I-T-E-R".
  7. You try to pick fights so that you'll have a bad school record and get transferred to Crossroads Junior High (or Juuban Junior High).
  8. You've actually done some of the things on this list
  9. You have forgotten what color your room is because it's covered with Sailor Jupiter pictures.
  10. You begin to think you are from Jupiter and all your friends and family agree with you.
  11. The kids in class think your weird because whenever you get mad at some one you threaten to let loose your dragon.
  12. You are constantly telling your science teacher that there is life on Jupiter.
  13. Whenever you see oak leaves you pick them up and take them home with you. Once you get in your room you spin around and throw the oak leaves everywhere while saying "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" Then you find twigs, tie them together, and stick the remains of oak leaves inside the the crown, then put it on your head so you look like you have on Sailor Jupiter's Emblem of Thunder crown!
  14. Whenever a thunder storm comes you imediatley rush outside, stand in an open field with a metal rod on your forehead, and wait till thunder strikes you so you can be like Sailor Jupiter using her Thunder Crash. Apparently, you get burnt to a crisp and walk dazed back into your house wondering why it didn't work. I wonder?!
  15. You buy boots that look just like Jupiter's and suddenly have an urge to paint them green. This person actually did it!
  16. You buy a green skating outfit and ice skates and try to skate through the halls at school and you constantly try to find a skater named Micha.
  17. You go on to thousands of sights like mine everyday. And still can't get enough.
  18. You start to have dreams of changing into Sailor Jupiter and your friends turn into the other scouts.
  19. You start using Jupiter as a replacement for cool like: Thats so Jupiter...........
  20. You unconciously choose your house carpeting to be green, pink and brown. Yes in Lady Jupiter's house the basement has pink carpeting, the first floor is green carpeting and the top floor is brown carpeting. The scary thing is I chose those colors unconciously and didn't notice until I was telling one of my friends about the new carpeting and she goes oh, you picked those colors because of Sailor Jupiter right? I was like oh my god I did and I didn't even know it...scary!
  21. For Easter you buy the large hollow chocolate Sailor Moon. On the back of the box, you see a gurantee which states if one is not satisfied with the product to write the company. You write to the company and complain that there should be a hollow sailor jupiter because as well!
  22. You use the phrase "yeah that reminds me of Jupiter" way way too often!
  23. You cook all the meals at your house just to be like Lita.
  24. You think the olympics ice skating competition should be won by Lita, because she's such a great skater.
  25. Although you hate brussel sprouts you only eat them because they are green.
  26. You ask your friends to be sailor scouts and you be Jupiter for Halloween.
  27. You get embarresed when you think of Jupiter and are not wearing green.
  28. You draw only with a green marker pen, pencil, etc.
  29. You make a link to Sailor Jupiter with everything in some manner or another and if you can't you decide that you don't like that thing.
  30. You go to court and get your name changed to lita.I haven't done this but I'm seriously thinking about it!