1. You find a every guy kinda acts and kinda looks like ken. You start calling him Ken and make him your best friend.
  2. You go to the mall to buy colored contacts to make your eyes look green, like Jupiter's.
  3. You wear green everyday no matter whether in school or at home etc.
  4. You shoot your parrot because you tried to teach it to say 'Makoto' and it didn't learn
  5. You find yourself shouting "Jupiter POWER!" with Lita every time she transforms.  And you do all the movements while she does her attacks when watching the show.  Now no one wants to watch Sailor Moon with you becasue you might take out their eye while doing jupiter thunder crash!
  6. You have a sudden obsession with the color green that you never seemed to have before.
  7. (If you're a girl...)You find yourself wishing that Andrew was in the same room with you so you could strangle him for marrying "that trampy fiancee of his" instead of Lita.
  8. (If you're a guy...)You find yourself wishing that Andrew was in the same room with you so you could thank him for marrying "that wonderful fiancee of his" instead of Lita, because that means you still have a chance with her.
  9. Every episode you get mad, curse the tv, and shout "Why isn't Lita in this episode!?" while in the process alienating other family members, friends, small animals, and even your mother's potted plants.
  10. You consider buying those really neat green ankle booties with heels that you saw at the mall the other day... despite the fact that you saw them in the women's shoe department.
  11. You find yourself seriously thinking about dyeing your hair brown and wearing it in a high ponytail perpetually because Lita just has the best taste when it comes to hair!
  12. You save up every cent you have so you can mail-order videos from Japan of every single episode of SM where Lita appears, even though you don't know a single word of Japanese beyond "konichiwa."
  13. The neighbors are scared of you since they've been seeing you on the roof every time it rains, with a radio antenna strapped to your forehead, yelling "Jupiter Thunder Crash!"
  14. You're failing math because every time you see a 4 you think of Sailor Jupiter. (The symbol of Jupiter looks so much like it!)
  15. Everyone asks why you're making sign language at them, until you yell at them that it's how you're supposed to do Sailor Jupiter's attacks!
  16. You go into interior decorating stores, and when you can't find any Sailor Jupiter wallpaper, you yell at the managers incessantly until they agree to special order it for you.
  17. You pass out custom-made Sailor Jupiter Valentines.
  18. You will only date girls over 5'10" so you can pretend you're with Lita.
  19. You watch Chef Pasquale and think that Lita would be way more interesting than the old guy singing hosting the show.
  20. You try to bake a cake in the shape of Lita's face so you can impress her if she ever comes to your house.
  21. You start to hate this Freddy person intensely for being dumb enough to dump Lita, and this dislike makes you instantly hate every guy you meet whose name is Freddy.
  22. You start begging your parents to send you to India for the monsoons, because all the rain and thunder makes you think of...Sailor Jupiter!
  23. You like to buy Cool Whip "Lite" because you can change the "e" to an "a", and that just makes it taste SO much better than the regular stuff! (heh heh heh)
  24. You considered committing arson and burning down the USA Network after they cancelled Sailor Moon, because that was the only way you could see Jupiter in action, and you don't want to pay tons of money for fansubs!
  25. You end up paying tons of money for Sailor Moon fansubs anyway, 'cuz after a week you start experiencing "Lita Withdrawal Syndrome."
  26. Your favorite M&Ms are the green ones, cause they are best color.
  27. For Hallowe'en you dress up as Sailor Jupiter and when you go trick-or-treating you freeze your butt of in that cute little sailor outfit. Yet you are happy to have been Sailor Jupiter for the day and your family is getting worried because all they have heard all day is JUPITER THUNDER CRASH, and JUPITER POWER and even JUPITER VITAL PRESSURE.
  28. You collect Ken dolls just because Lita's best friends name is Ken. You get mad at the manufacture when they don't look like Ken!
  29. You feel content and happy whenever you wear green.
  30. You wear your hair just like Lita's in a ponytail although you have short hair